About Shanbri Designs

Shanbri Designs creates beautifully designed missionary gift pillows, world travel pillows, and pillows to honor those who have either served in the military, or in our police force. Our military gift pillows honor those who have served in one of the United States military branches: the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, or the National Guard. We also have specially designed pillows for our police force and fire fighters. For our missionary and world travel pillows, it is our desire to honor each state within the USA, as well as the numerous countries around the world. Each pillow was thoughtfully designed to pay tribute to each of the radiant cultures, beautiful traditions, and rich history of each location. Many of our missionary gift pillows and world travel pillows feature either a rendition of a flag or symbolic designs that honor the rich culture of each treasured land.

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  • Missionary Pillows

    Do you know somebody who has been called to serve the Lord on a mission? Honor that individual with one of our comfortable, stylish, and meaningful missionary pillows. It can be given directly to a beloved missionary as a gift. Or it can be given to the family and friends of the serving missionary to help them sweetly remember their loved one while they serve the Lord.

  • World Travel Pillows

    Accent your home with one of our world pillows, thoughtfully designed to honor destinations around the world.  Whether it’s a dream destination or a land that holds treasured memories, our world pillows are a beautiful tribute to each location, country and culture. These unique pillows can serve as a beautiful gift that anyone is sure to enjoy!

  • Military & Law Enforcement

    Thoughtfully designed to honor those who have served in the United States military or our police force. Our military designs include an elegant and patriotic script reciting words from the Preamble of the Constitution as well as the Declaration of Independence. Whether it’s to honor our current armed forces, or a revered veteran, our pillow is a beautiful tribute to those who have served this great nation.


About Our Missionary Gift Pillows

It is a very exciting time when your loved ones receive their mission call; although, it tends to pull on the heartstrings of tender family members. One way to honor our courageous young men and young women who are called to serve the Lord on a mission, is to present them with a missionary gift that honors the location and people that they are called to serve. Our pillows can also be given as a gift, to the friends or family members of the serving missionary, as a reminder of where their loved one is serving.

About Our World Travel Pillows

Our world travel pillows were thoughtfully designed to pay tribute to a land that holds a special place in your heart. It can honor a treasured destination that you had once lived. It can honor a country that was visited in celebration of a special vacation. Perhaps, it is a land or people that you had the honor and privilege of serving during your life. Whether you would like a memento souvenir gift, a vacation keepsake, or a special remembrance gift, one of our pillows would be a beautiful tribute to honor your treasured land.